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Redemptorist Educational Assistance Program (REAP)


The Redemptorist Educational Assistance Program (REAP) began as an educational assistance provided to working students in the 1980’s. This also included assistance to students taking up vocational courses.


After twelve years, the program has progressed from a mere financial assistance to a comprehensive program that not only aim at providing educational assistance but also in having the scholars and their family a clearer life direction.


The main aim of the program is to provide to selected very poor youth of Parañaque and neighboring communities with access to post-secondary degree and non-degree courses. The benefits given by the program to those who succeeded to pass the criteria and examinations are:


  1. Tuition Fee and other actual fees
  2. Transportation Allowances
  3. Allowance for textbooks
  4. Allowance for 2 sets of uniforms
  5. Allowance for Seminars.
  6. Graduation fee but does not include year book and picture
  7. Expenses for thesis writing and presentation, Board Review and Exam, once only.
  8. Expenses for projects as per need and assessment by the Social Worker.


Some of the Courses offered are


  1. Social worker
  2. Education
  3. Agriculture
  4. Psychology
  5. Political Science





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