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Sarnelli Center for Street Children

The Sarnelli Center for Street Children Foundation, Inc. is a program of the shrine dedicated to  the service of the children at risk, especially the most abandoned children.


The center cater to the needs - both spiritual and material of the most abandoned street children around the shrine. The goal of Sarnelli Center is to help the street children readjust and undertake a process of rehabilitation and development and eventually become responsible members of their families and their communities. The services of the center also include a street education program which offers non-formal education, group dynamics and feeding program for kids in the nearby squatter communities around the shrine.


Sarnelli was a Redemptorist in the time of St. Alphonsus who worked among the prostitutes of Naples. After his recent beatification, he has become a kind of informal patron of Redemptorists engaged in the social ministry.



The center was started in 1995. There are two centers.


The first center is a drop-in center which provides temporary refuge and immediate needs to abandoned children like food, shelter, clothing and informal education. Once they have become more stable some of them are transferred to the residential center.








The second center which is a residential center is located in Lipa City. Here, the center provides a more permanent service and program to the children like formal education, food and shelter, moral formation and social interaction.

The Center is run by a team of social workers and MPS sisters, professionally competent and pastorally compassionate. They commit themselves to empower these children at risk towards their full development and holistic well-being through systematic case management in a homely environment.


It is heartrending to listen to the case histories of the street kids and the reasons for their leaving home and ending up in the streets. It takes a professional psychologist, a dedicated staff, and volunteers to help them sort out their problems.




National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Redemptorist Baclaran, 2017